by Ledicious

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released 03 February 2013



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Ledicious Omaha, Nebraska

My theory on creation of music is to open your mind to all genres- to give in to the most poppy or the most experimental whim. I hope you enjoy my sounds!

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Track Name: All In Stride
Well I took it all in stride
Made up my mind
But I didn’t know
That I couldn’t keep it

Well it all just goes to show
The power of just letting go
Now you can move on
And this/we can start over

We take it for granted
All that we’re handed
We know that its true
We can’t help but squander
All that we’re gifted
How it hurts us but we…
Won’t ever change

And it all comes crashing down
In your face and you fall to the ground
But you make it through
And that makes you (grow) older

I kept it all in mind
Took my precious time (sticatto, mimic on guitar)
But I’m no closer now
Got nothin to show for

The cycle will have its way
“Will it end?” is the question, some say
But that we are here
Is wonder enough
To fill me up to the brim and overflow
So just flow

We don’t think
About the brink
But its been long
At our feet

Try not to think
About the thing
We all must see
That we cant be
We all say
That we won’t wait
But what’s this thing
But time to waste
It’s all which way
You choose to play
Or to behave
Or to have face

We all need
Something to be
So grab a hold
And fight to breathe
Hold your space
Build your ground
Keep your head
Above the shroud

Cause it all comes crashing down
But we’ll build it all back up again
And then regret
And then regret
Track Name: Boundaries
The sun goes down again
Its outside and I am in
Caged or sheltered in these walls?
Safe or sorry to the outdoors?
Sometimes I wonder, wish and think
What it would be like to be...

Back then
Living off the land
No Garbage laying in the sand
And taking no command but to survive

Thoughts are scattered in a moment like dust from a wind
To begin again so thin and fresh of knowledge
From a lifetimes worth of rules, exceptions, follies
A gasp of breath at the beautifully broken boundaries
I'm convinced that they exist just cause we give them thought
Abiding by tradition someone else has taught
The only boundaries are the limits of reality
And to be afraid to test them is not be free

Life, a wheel
Tied to this machine
Cycling at a speed that cant be seen
By the other parts that help the process live
But without each other motion wouldn't live
Connected at the core but unaware
Living out our lives without a care
But central to the process nonetheless
Cause if one cog breaks then so do all the rest

Sheltered here in my coddled nest
Safe or missing out on all the rest
Oh what I would do to take that one deep breath
That would life away my years of insignificance
of ignorance

All I know is what i've got inside my heart
I'm letting it out now and that is just the start
The questions what to do with all this time we hold
So much to waste,
So much more to mold
Track Name: Perspective
Like the top stair that's not there
the stumble on air
like looking for that something while all the while its in hand
or hidden by perspective
too close to understand
When distraction becomes a factor we switch our hands and actions become slurred

Like realizing a moment too late
you kept what you meant to throw away
and now you're left with nothing
Just a fraction of a hesitation is all it takes for a situation to become a disaster

We can't situate or educate ourselves for all its worth
we're a downward spiraling parasite not clinging to the sides
But sprawling boldly forward towards the depths of our demise

Throwing away the gift we've been prized
From animal enlightenment has turned us into beasts
Raping all we see of every resource we don't need

Those lowly brutes we talk down too would never make this mess
though animal their instinct is to give to those who're left

So long it seems we wait
but really in the scope of things
our time is just a wave
amidst the deepest ocean expanding every way
From one we rise, climax and die
Return from whence we came

Of course the source is far to close to catch the human eye
Obscured by our perspective until the day we die
and like starting a new book we return to the unknown
the greatest of all mysteries but farthest from alone